List of Requirement to Opt for Dominican Republic Citizenship by Investment

The following list of requirements is based on information provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Ministry review this list discretionary.

  1. Application for Naturalization by Investment, prepared by the MIP.
  2. Instance (LETTER) request addressed to the Executive Branch, via the Minister of Interior and Police.
  3. Five recent color front photographs 2×2, if interested person is man he must be trimmed and shaved.
  4. Color copy of residence permit per investment, with a minimum of six (6) months (in force).
  5. Certificate of No judicial record issued by the Attorney General’s Office, with a minimum validity of three (3) months.
  6. Certificate of No criminal record issued by the authority or institution of the country of provenance duly apostilled or legalized, with a validity of at least three (3) months.
  7. Certificate of Good Conduct, issued by the authorized official of the country of last residence where he has remained for more than five (5) years, duly translated into Spanish, if necessary and legalized at the corresponding Dominican Consulate or at the headquarters In the Dominican Republic of the Consulate of the applicant’s country of origin or the official entity authorized for these purposes. In addition, a certificate of good conduct issued by the Prosecutor’s Office of the corresponding Judicial District or by the National Police of the Dominican Republic.
  8. ORIGINAL of the Birth Certificate duly apostilled (formality required to certify the authenticity of the signature, the quality in which the signatory of the document has acted, and, if appropriate, the identity of the stamp or seal of which the document is covered) , In accordance with the Convention de la Haya dated 05/10/1961. With a minimum validity of six (6) months. In case the country of origin of the interested party is not a signatory of said agreement, the act must be legalized (certificate or note with signature and seal proving the authenticity of the document or signature), at the Dominican Consulate or Embassy Accredited in the country of origin of the interested party and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic. In the event that the Document is in a language other than Spanish, it must be translated by a judicial translator and legalized by the Attorney General of the Republic.
  9. Color copy of the first three pages of the applicant’s Passport.
  10. Copy of all Creation Documents of the commercial company, duly registered and legalized, in the General Directorate of Internal Taxes and in the Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic.
  11. Copy of the property titles of the buildings and a Certification of charges and encumbrance of the same ones issued by registry of titles (indispensable).
  12. Copy of vehicle registration.
  13. Bank letter.
  14. Color copies of the identity card.
  15. Letter of Guarantee notarized and legalized in the Attorney General’s Office, supported by a person Dominican of origin, with economic solvency, stating that he is responsible for the moral, economic, maintenance and repatriation expenses, if any with the applicant. This Declaration must indicate the data of the property and of the vehicle that puts in guarantee. If the guarantor is married, he must provide the wife’s authorization, with a copy of his identity card and the witnesses who appear in the act. In addition to:
  16. A) Color copy of the guarantor and witness documents (if applicable).
  17. B) Copy of title to the property
  18. C) Copy of vehicle registration
  19. D) Bank card
  20. Up-to-date certifications issued by the General Directorate of Migration stating the status of the applicant, the time that has resided in the Dominican Republic and that has deposited a letter of guarantee in that Directorate.
  21. Affidavit with three (3) Dominican witnesses of origin, where the interested party establishes domicile in the Dominican Republic, made by a Notary Public in the Dominican Republic and duly legalized in the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic. Attach a copy of the identity and electoral documents of the witnesses that appear in the act.
  22. Proof of the Foreign Investment Registry issued by C. E. I.-R.D.
  23. Copy of the complete Passport with a minimum validity of one year.
  24. Certification issued by the National Council of Free Export Zones (C.N.Z.F.E.) in the case of companies established under the free zones regime.
  25. In cases where the interested party is in the process of processing the investment and does not yet have the corresponding certifications, the MIP will admit as evidence the acknowledgment of receipt of the request and the deposit of documents required for the registration of the investment issued by the corresponding institution.
  26. Proof of the depositary bank, in the case of investments made in financial instruments.
  27. In the case of a Designated Investment Project, the applicant must submit a certificate that guarantees the project, issued by the Executive Branch, through C.E.I.-R.D., or C.N.Z.F.E., as applicable.
  28. In the cases provided for in article 33, paragraph 1, of the General Migration Law 285-04, the contracting company shall provide proof that the interested party is a person with the qualifications required by law whose specialty is not met by technicians Countries. In such case, you must submit, in addition to the documents indicated above, a copy of the employment contract.
  29. In the case provided for in the preceding paragraph, the contracting company will be guarantor of the contractor, by notarial act in which it guarantees morally and economically and undertakes to cover the costs of return, if necessary.
  30. The application may include spouses and direct relatives of the applicant. In order to include relatives, the interested party must present documentation of the family bond, as the case may be. At the time of application for the residence permit, relatives must present the documents mentioned in items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of these requirements. In the case of minors of eighteen (18) years, the requirements of numbers 5, 6 and 7 are not required.
  31. In the cases of Companies that are covered by the Laws of Incentives or Companies contracted by the Executive Power, must deposit original of the approval of the Executive Power or the Decree that authorizes them to operate, or internal resolution of the state institution With which the project or the approval of the National Congress of the service contract or of the financing agreement is carried out, provided that such approval mentions the project and the intervening parties. It only needs a single certification or proof in original for each company.
  32. In case the applicant is a shareholder of the company, he must also present an Act of the Administrative Council of the company in original, duly notarized and endorsed at the Attorney General’s Office of the Dominican Republic, or registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo, where you specify your status as shareholder of the company.
  33. If the applicant is an employee of the company, he must submit an original of the labor contract registered with the Ministry of Labor or a letter of certification of employment of the receiving company, notarized and endorsed by the Attorney General’s Office Dominican Republic, specifying the general information of the employee, the position he or she will perform in the company, date of entry to the company, the salary earned in addition to the company’s guarantee letter being responsible for the payment of repatriation charges if necessary , Notarized and endorsed by the Attorney General’s Office. Similarly in cases of dependents (wife) and children. In addition the company must send a power of representation that authorizes the executive who signs these communications on behalf of the same.
  34. In case of contracts or letter of appointment from abroad, it must be duly translated into Spanish, if necessary and legalized at the corresponding Dominican Consulate or at the Dominican Republic headquarters of the Consulate of origin of the applicant and Foreign Affairs.
  35. If the applicant is an economic clerk, a domestic employee, guardian, direct line of credit or a child over 18 years of age of the beneficiary, a guarantee letter must be added where the guarantor (beneficiary of the program) Of economic dependency of the applicant of the residence, and to specify that it takes care of the expenses of maintenance and repatriation if it is necessary.
  36. If the application includes the spouse and/or minor children, the following documents must also be submitted: original marriage certificate or copy certified by the corresponding embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in addition to those mentioned in paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 12 of the present requirements, in the case of persons under 18, the requirements of paragraphs 5, 6 and 7 are not required.

In The Cases Of Foreign Pensions, Retirement or Renters, must also:

  1. They must deposit the financial document of the institution from which the accumulated funds come, as specified in Law 171-07, in its article 1 certified by the Dominican Embassy in the country of origin with headquarters in the Dominican Republic or certified by The Legalization Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic.
  2. The minimum amount of pensioner income is US $1,500.00 or its equivalent in pesos, and the Renter of US $ 2,000.00 or the equivalent in Dominican pesos.
  3. For each dependent defined in article 5 of Law 171-07, applied jointly with the principal applicant, an additional monthly income corresponding to the sum of two hundred and fifty US dollars (US $250.00) will be required.
  4. Copy, with original in sight, of the last six movements and financial statements of the account registered in a national institution where the income is being received.
  5. Prove that the money received for income is actually consumed in Dominican territory, for which purpose the interested party must provide the corresponding proof, whose admission the Dominican immigration authority reserves the right to evaluate, any document tending to prove it, Such as: credit card status copies, housing rental agreement, payment such as dependent children’s educational services, water, electricity, telephone and any other type of proof of the investment of the interested party’s income in the Dominican Republic.
  6. In case of having Pensions, the applicants must present a certification of the government, official body or private company of foreign origin where they rendered their services, duly translated into Spanish by a judicial interpreter, legalized by the Dominican consulate of the country of origin of the document. Said certification must contain the general data of the applicant, time that remained in the company, position held and the amount received as a pension.
  7. In case of being Renter, they will have to prove that they enjoy permanent and stable income generated or coming abroad, for a period of not less than five years, through a copy of the contract of rent duly translated into Spanish By a judicial interpreter, legalized by the Dominican Consulate of the country of origin of the document. Likewise, they must present receipt of income of the currencies to the country, by copy of check (s) of transfer of financial entity (s) established abroad.
  8. In the case where the interested party has obtained another nationality other than the one of origin must annex a summary history of the same.
  9. In the event that the interested party has obtained a change of name, must deposit the act where the change of name, apostilled and translated into Spanish is authorized if it is in another language.
  10. Five (5) sets of copies of all the above documents.


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