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The Firm

Mesa Abogados is a law firm that represents relevant Dominican and foreign corporations, including government agencies, banks, and service companies. 

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Our Alliances

Our firm holds professional cooperation agreements with Caribbean and Central-American law firms.

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Our Experience

Counseling to an outstanding Belgian telecommunication company for obtaining the operating license in the Dominican Republic.

Our Practice Areas

Corporate / Commercial

In company, business and corporate law matters MESA Lawyers is one of the most experienced Dominican law firms.

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Mesa Abogados is one of the most known law firms in the Dominican Republic by its practice and experience in aviation law, particularly in dispute resolution and regulations matters

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Maritime Law

Mesa Lawyers has shown outstanding leadership by its experience and knowledge of the maritime transport industry, becoming into a legal counsel for international shipping companies operating in the region.

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Intellectual Property

In this information and knowledge age, intellectual property (IP) is one of the most important assets of any business. To protect the intellectual property of our clients we combine the registration with preventive actions and litigation.

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The firm renders counseling and supporting in Insurances regulatory matters, transaction, claims and litigation matters before the courts.

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Real Estate Law and Building

Mesa | Lawyers have an intense practice in Real Estate Law, representing corporations, individuals, trusts, mutual associations, as well as financial, contractor and promoter institutions.

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Litigation And Disputes Solution

Mesa Abogados’s main goal in all litigation is to seek the best commercial, economical and legal solution for our clients.

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Labor Law

Our practice in labor law includes all legal matters concerning labor relationships. We are pleased to support our clients in strategy formulation to prevent labor conflicts.

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Banking And Finance

Mesa Abogados provides services on counseling and representing commercial banks, the ruling entities of the national financial system

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The firm represents American and European telecommunication operators by supporting them to obtain permits and licenses to operate in the Dominican Republic.

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Public Law

The Public Law practice in Mesa Abogados includes Administrative Law and Administrative Contracting.

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Our Blog

List of Requirement to Opt for Dominican Republic Citizenship by Investment

October 1st, 2019

A list of requirements is based on information provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Ministry review this list discretionary.

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Dominican Republic Trademark Registration Guide

September 28th, 2019

In the Dominican Republic, first in time, first in law, means the first who obtains the registration of a trademark will be the first to acquire exclusive use rights over it.

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Consumer Protection: The Removal of Defective Products.

September 27th, 2019

In view of the growing integration of international markets, an aspect to be taken into account by multinational companies exporting their products to Latin America is the regulations applicable to the withdrawal of defective products.

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