Real Estate Law and Building

Mesa | Lawyers have an intense practice in Real Estate Law, representing corporations, individuals, trusts, mutual associations, as well as financial, contractor and promoter institutions.

Firm’s experience includes most diverse matters on regulation and investments of real estates, including:

• Contracting: Acquisition, rent, leaseback.
• Foreign Investments.
• License and regulations for building.
• Regulation for business real estate: Hotels, shopping center, commercial buildings, and duty-free zones.
• Regulation for rural real estate and farming lands.
• Condominium, co-ownership, time-sharing.
• Financing, refinancing, mortgages.
• Real estate investment trust.
To provide integrated solutions to our clients, our firm has developed important alliances with other real estates providers, as financial, title companies, brokers and other entities.

Mesa provides support to national and foreign investors during the proceedings for obtaining licenses and permits for building and operating hotels, malls, tourist and duty-free zones projects. Our services include counseling and supporting for obtaining environmental impact permits and tax incentive access.

We have experience in operating, management and leasing agreements of hotels and casino licenses.

The partners of the firm actively participate in the Real Estate Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA). This allows us to have an updated and global vision of real estate business development.