Rodolfo A. Mesa Beltre

Born in 1931. He receives his Doctor of Law degree from Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. He is qualified as a Notary Public and has a wide experience in civil and administrative law; he has held several public offices, including: Legal Consultant for the National District City Council, General Secretary of Dominican Municipal League, Legal Consultant for Insurance Superintendence, Member of Frontier National Council (Foreign Affairs Minister), and Especial Legal Advisor of the Dominican Republic President (1982-1986).

During his more than 45 years of professional experience he has provided services to main companies and business national and foreign associations, standing out his involvement in litigations on registered real estates, inheritance partition, companies winding-up, as well as advising and consulting for forming companies, preparation of plans and strategies for negotiating to obtain concessions and franchises with centralized and decentralized Dominican state entities.