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Corporate Law

In company, business and corporate law matters MESA| Lawyers is one of the most experienced Dominican law firms. We have supported an upper range of clients in all legal matters in connection with the incorporation and operation of Dominican and foreign companies particularly located on offshore jurisdictions.

Our advising for the incorporation and companies operation include the largest spectrum of uses and purposes , including:

  • Bank accounts handling, credits, deposits, investment plans and any other commercial and financial guarantee.
  • Ownership of shares in other companies or legal entities.
  • Duty Free Zone.


To meet our client needs we have an experienced team of lawyers and supporting staff and infrastructure with a state-of-the-art technology. In our corporate and business area we provide a broad counseling and legal supporting which includes matters as follows::

  • Merging and acquisition.
  • Development and drafting of corporate contracts.
  • Shareholder agreements, corporate contracts.
  • Financial agreements.
  • Guarantees.
  • Restructuration.
  • Winding-up.


In contract matters, the firm counsels the clients in national and international transactions. Sometimes those transactions have special characteristics, which is usual of complex business schemes.

Mesa Abogados has been involved in purchasing and selling operations, providing counseling and tax consultancy.

Corporate Law
Aeronautical Law

Aeronautical Law

Mesa Abogados is one of the most known legal office in Dominican Republic by its practice and experience in aeronautical law, particularly in air transport and aviation matters. Our legal office contributes in a permanent way to develop the Aeronautical Law in the country and the region. The firm specialization in aviation covers the step for obtaining the licenses and permits to the airlines representation before the relevant authorities to fulfill regulations.

We support local and foreign operators in private and corporate matters of industry, as contracting, insurance, aircraft leasing, financing, and others matters on a regular basis.

Mesa Abogados represents international commercial airlines involved in cargo and passenger transport, as also as several companies that develop complementary activities for the industry as suppliers, insurers and reinsurers.

Our legal office has an active practice representing airlines and insurance companies in claims concerning air crashes.

The firm’s members have an active attendance in main study and discussion forums on aeronautical matters as in Legal Symposium of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Legal Conference of Latin-America and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA).

As a basic part of our role to develop the Aeronautical Law it is worth stressing out our collaboration with the international prestigious publication GETTING THE DEAL THROUGH. Air Transport, Dominican Republic chapter.

Maritime Law

Mesa | Lawyers has shown outstanding leadership by its experience and knowledge of the maritime transport industry, becoming into a legal counsel for international shipping companies operating in the region, as well as public and public docks operators.

Most of our clients in this industry are cargo transporters, as well as insurance and insurance companies to which we counsel in different matters, particularly on lost cargo claims, as well as vessel embargoes and lifting of embargoes.

The partners of Mesa Abogados attend international conferences in Maritime Law matters, particularly of the Maritime Transport Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA).

Our services include:

  • Litigation related to maritime transport contract.
  • Commercial litigation and insurances.
  • Vessel embargoes.
  • Lifting of vessel embargoes.
Maritime Law
Intellectual Industrial Property

Intellectual Industrial Property

In this information and knowledge age, the intellectual property is one of the most important assets of the company. To protect the intellectual property of our client we combine the registration, preventive actions and litigation. Our firm has more than 3 decades defending national and foreign companies’ intellectual property, particularly those located in United States, Canada and Europe.

By our correspondents, we can take precautionary actions to register the intellectual property rights in the remains of Latin-America. Furthermore, we are able to file criminal actions in distinguishing marks classification, as well as objections, cancellations and annulations of trademark registrations in relevant courts in Dominican Republic.

  • Service and trademarks.
  • Patents.
  • Industrial Designs.
  • Utility models.
  • Copyright, software and literary works.
  • Internet domain names.
  • License, franchises and business secrets protection.
  • Registration with Health Authorities.
  • Legal actions against falsification and parallel importation.

In intellectual property matters Mesa & Mesa| Lawyers has an active and dynamical attendance in several international forums, having a participation as an enthusiastic member of Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property -ASIPI -, as well as International Trademark Association -INTA- ( Logos and Hyperlinks)


Mesa & Mesa have an active practice in insurance law. Important national insurance companies and international insurance leader companies are our clients.

The firm renders counseling and supporting in regulatory matters, transaction, claims and litigation matters before the courts. Firm’s partners had worked as ruling entity’s counselors in writing and implementing the insurance law. The firm counsels and supports the most important international reinsurers in aircraft, vessels and infrastructure policy claims.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Mesa & Mesa| Lawyers have an intense practice in Real Estate Law, representing corporations, individuals, trusts, mutual associations, as well as financial, contractor and promoter institutions.

Firm’s experience includes most diverse matters on regulation and investments of real estates, including:

  • Contracting: Acquisition, rent, lease back.
  • Foreign Investments.
  • License and regulations for building.
  • Regulation for business real estate: Hotels, shopping center, commercial buildings, and duty free zones.
  • Regulation for rural real estate and farming lands.
  • Condominium, co-ownership, time sharing.
  • Financing, refinancing, mortgages.
  • Real estate investment trust.

To provide integral solutions to our clients, our firm has developed important alliances with other real estates providers, as financial, title companies, brokers and other entities.

Mesa Abogados provides support to national and foreign investors during the proceedings for obtaining licenses and permits for building and operating hotels, malls, tourist and duty free zones projects. Our services include counseling and supporting for obtaining environmental impact permits and tax incentive access.

We have experience in operating, management and leasing agreements of hotels and casino licenses.

The partners of the firm actively participate in the Real Estate Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA). This allows us to have an updated and global vision about the real estate business development.

Litigation and Disputes Solution

Mesa Abogados’s main goal in all litigation is to seek the best commercial, economical and legal solution for our clients. The firm focuses in solving differences properly by analyzing the cost-benefit for the client. One of our strengths is the joint effort performed with client to develop strategies to prevent any conflict. This allows our clients to have a strong position once the litigation has risen up, and to take fast actions for protecting and defending the interest we represent.

Our litigation area is specialized in commercial claims, as well as civil and labor claims. We represent air and sea transport, insurance companies, commercial banks among others.

We have represented several national and international companies in different litigations, as commercial disputes, intellectual property rights, civil liability, tax and labor claims.

Since the cost and delays related to common courts have increased, the conciliation and arbitration has become into profitable options for many of our clients, who find a proper way to solve many of their cases. Mesa Abogados has handled several conciliation and arbitration cases, assuring to clients a proper counseling on this processes, usually known as such an alternative methods for solving disputes.

The firm has successfully handled litigations before arbitration sites of Dominican Republic.

Our partners contribute to develop the practice by their doctrine works. It is worth to points out our collaboration with Latin Lawyer, an international prestigious publication in the Litigation in Dominican Republic chapter.

Litigation and Disputes Solution
Labor Law

Labor Law

Our practice in labor law includes all legal matters concerning to labor relationships. We are pleased to support our clients in strategy formulation to prevent labor conflicts. The firm provides counseling and support clients in structuring and drafting labor individual contracts and work conditions joint agreement.

Mesa Abogados has a large experience in fulfilling regulatory matters before the work ministry, work contract termination, compensation and payments. We usually represent local and foreign companies in their conflict with workers union. Firm’s lawyers have a huge practice in labor litigation and alternative method for solving conflicts.

Banking and Finance

The firm has a lot of experience in legal counseling Dominican financial market operators.

We have been successfully involved in the guarantees structuring related to bank credit and commercial arrangements, as also in counseling financial market operators and the management of investment bank project.

Mesa Abogados provides services on counseling and representing commercial banks, the ruling entities of the national financial system, as also to the Bank Superintendence and the Central Bank of Dominican Republic on a regular basis.

Banking and Finance


The firm represents American and European telecommunication operators by supporting them to obtain permits and licenses to operate in Dominican Republic.

In this area we have experience in the following steps:

  • Licenses to operate telecommunication services.
  • Residential and mobile telephone concession operation.
  • Cable TV operation license.
  • Frequency permits.
  • Reselling of telecommunication services.
  • Internet.


For more than three decades the firm had successfully worked immigration matters.

Most of the time clients are investors and multinational companies executive which look for establishing or working in Dominican Republic. We counsel our clients about :

  • Labor visa.
  • Resident visa.
  • Resident Permanent Temporary Permit.
  • Investment resident.
  • Naturalization.
Public Law

Public Law

The Public Law practice in Mesa Abogados includes Administrative Law and Administrative Contracting. Our partners have held important offices in public administration, including counselor for the President of the Republic in municipal matters.

The firm usually supports our clients in bidding process and executing public works and services contracts with the Dominican State. Mesa represents individuals and companies before national courts in their claims against the Dominican State and Public Administration.

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