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Since 1964

our_practices_image1In this information and knowledge age, the intellectual property is one of the most important assets of the company.
To protect the intellectual property of our client we combine the registration, preventive actions and litigation.

Our firm has more than 3 decades defending national and foreign companies’ intellectual property, particularly those located in United States, Canada and Europe.

Through our correspondents, we can take precautionary actions and register the intellectual property rights in the Caribbean and all Latin-America.

Furthermore, we are able to file criminal actions in distinguishing marks classification, as well as objections, cancellations and annulations of trademark registrations in relevant courts in Dominican Republic.

Our services for protecting intellectual property rights include:

• Trademarks.
• Patents.
• Industrial Designs.
• Utility models.
• Copyright, software and literary works.
• Internet domain names.
• License, franchises and business secrets protection.
• Registration with Health Authorities.
• Legal actions against falsification and parallel importation.
In intellectual property matters Mesa & Mesa| Lawyers has an active and dynamical attendance in several international forums, having a participation as an enthusiastic member of Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property -ASIPI -, as well as International Trademark Association -INTA-