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Since 1964

MESA & MESA | Lawyers has a large experience in legal counseling to individual and national and foreign companies; within the most relevant transactions including the followings:  

Legal representation in forming and operating the first private airline company in Dominican Republic.
Legal representation of the main TV cable company in its litigations against the Santo Domingo City Council.
Involvement in preparing and drawing the Insurance Law of the Dominican Republic.
Counseling and representing the most large farmer association in a claim filed against an important transnational corporation in sugar industry. In such lawsuit our client obtained a US$5,000,000.00 compensation.
Representation of the main waste management company owners in Dominican Republic, in an acquisition operation by one of the most important Spanish capital corporation.  This transaction was valued over US$10,000,000.00
Counseling and legal representation in one of the largest selling transactions of trademarks operated by two leading Dominican pharmaceutical companies. This transaction was over US$1,500,000.00
Counseling to an important Belgian telecommunication company for obtaining the operating license in Dominican Republic.
Representation of an insurance companies group in London market for compensating the relatives of an air crash victim. This transaction was  for US$10,000,000.00
Legal representation of a London market insurer group in the claim filed by the relatives of internal flight crash victims. This claim was  for US$5,000,000.00
Advising and legal representation of the most important Dominican cargo air transport in labor suits against the pilots union.
Representation of a former president of a Latin-American country in his divorce claim against his former wife for partitioning and allotting common properties.
Legal representation of an important power distribution company in the claim against its American grantor.
Representation of Santo Domingo City Council against the Dominican State for expropriating the racetrack lands. The case concluded with a US$20,000,000.00 compensation in favor of our client.
Legal representation of one of the largest commercial bank in United State northeast region in the operation to guarantee a credit with a Dominican company.  The operation was for US$12,000,000.00
Representation of more than 400 foreign investors in a class action against a group of companies which subtracted more than US$170,000,000.00 invested in the tourism real estate industry.
Legal counseling in bidding process for waste collection and transport service concession in the main city of Dominican Republic.
Legal representation for an insurance and reinsurance companies group located in London in a transaction for compensating an air crash victims.
Legal representation of a local pharmaceutical leader company in litigation with one of its foreign strategic partner. This transaction was for US$2,500,000.00
Legal representation of one of the largest international insurance companies in a claim against a Dominican insurance company in construing the reinsurance policy. This litigation was for US$6,000,000.00
Support and legal counseling to an Europe insurance companies group in the claim filed by the insured party, (one of the largest Brazilian building company) by lost suffered by the insured during an hydroelectric dam building in Dominican Republic. This transaction was for US$12,000,000.00
Representation of a British insurance company exercising their rights of subrogation in a claim against the cargo ship owner concerning a maritime accident on which the cargo had been lost in full. The amount of this claim was for US$ 2, 500,000.00